because if he had it would have been a completely different film.

so – where are you on the sober path? never quite know who reads this. you may be one of the stalwart companions who are kind enough to comment, and are never taken for granted. you may be one of the others who dip in and out and are welcomed like the sailor home from the sea. or one of those who reads but never comments which is absolutely fine. because I do not blog for comments. I do not blog for comments… (200 times, best handwriting…)

hope this will be relevant wherever you are. because as I said in the last post, I am writing this mostly for me, me, me. but it might be specifically helpful if you are in the early days…

here are some sober bunnies for you:

why rabbits? well, because they are a good metaphor for the benefits of sobriety.

when you get one rabbit on an island, it hops about a bit. feels vulnerable to all sorts of predators. soft, fluffy, not much good in a fight with the booze jaguar.

then you get two rabbits. then more. and then – they start doing what rabbits are most famous for: making more rabbits.

the benefits of sobriety are cumulative and they make more benefits. and there’s a tipping point, which for me was somewhere around 70 days, when you notice, suddenly, Β that there are bloody rabbits everywhere. and suddenly the whole not-putting-poison-inside-yourself thing gets a hell of a lot easier.

the Watership Down rabbits, leaving their old lives behind them, heading off into terra incognita, looking for a new home

and thenΒ we can start broadening our coping skills to social situations, and actually feeling our feelings, and starting to get to grips with what made us so inexplicably fond of putting poison in our mouths in the first place. which is a whole other ball game. but we’ll find it much easier to get off the blocks with all that if we let the bunnies multiply to the point where they can smother the wolf in fluffiness, like this.

hop little bunnies, hop hop hop…

9 days to go to one year. really? how the hell did that happen? oh, yeah. one day/rabbit at a time πŸ™‚