it’s been a couple of weeks since I reported on the UFYD project. and think when I did I had only achieved four measly hours in the previous week. so am here to report that have not let the whole thing slide but have been renewing my efforts in the past fortnight. Week 7: 13 hours. Week 8: 19 hours. cumulative total at end of week 8: 79.5 hours. well, the weather has been shocking recently, and conducive to paperwork.

things what I have learnt so far in the process:

change hurts. I have been thrashing and flailing like any 100 day challenger in resistance and reluctance. and so if you are in the first days of the 100 day challenge know that any pain or feeling like a caged animal you are having is almost boringly normal. not to belittle that feeling in any way, I add hurriedly. just to say that for a long time I thought discomfort meant that I was doing change wrong. when in fact I think it means I am doing it right. I’ve posted previously on the fact that the magic happens when we are outside our comfort zone. that may still be one of my most important-to-me posts on this blog.

we need to choose our times to change with care. I posted around Christmas last year that I needed to get to grips with my weight. less than two months into my sobriety. ha! guess what. I didn’t do that then. it happened of its own accord when my body was ready to do it. in the same way I prepared myself for the UFYD challenge, in hindsight, with the pebble jar challenge, giving myself confidence and practice in achieving small, achievable goals. the corollary to this statement is that we hardly ever feel ready for change. so we need to ignore that feeling, and start anyway.

the last thing is that recording and accountability for a change is incredibly, ridiculously valuable. Leo at Zen Habits is particularly insistent upon this. a typical post on how to change something from him here. he is also very keen on making the change small and daily. (I know in the past fortnight I have been ignoring this, possibly at my peril, by doing huge stretches one day and rewarding myself with a weekend completely off.) on the UFYD project I have been recording my daily times in a notebook and my weekly times on here (tx folks if you are still listening!) I have written over two hundred blog posts on many things including sobriety 😉 and it has been enormously helpful in understanding what is going on inside my own head and getting feedback from other people. so maybe if you are in the early stages of sobriety you could write a blog post daily for a week? then for thirty days? then for sixty? it’s not for everyone and heaven knows I am Mrs NotaComputerGeek but, seriously, WP is not that tricky.

to finish with a little bit of Brad Pitt, from the film Moneyball. my, that man is still purty. haven’t ever seen the whole film, and it looks completely incomprehensible to anyone who doesn’t understand the rules of baseball. I could probably sit through it quite happily though, just watching Brad 🙂

anyway, have a look at this clip first, and then answer me a question:

the question is: if you have been scared to run past first base all your life, and now you are doing what you never do, and you feel as if you are sprawling, failed, on the ground, with the world laughing at you: is there any chance that you have already hit the ball sixty feet over the fence? 

15 days to go to one year.