this line comes from a poem by Michael Rosen, a favourite of my kids’ when they were smaller. I love it too, as although told from the perspective of a child you can still hear the hapless, exasperated parent finding more and more things to have to tell the child NOT TO DO.

don’t pour gravy on the baby. don’t put mustard in the custard….

like the endlessly inventive naughty child, when we decide not to drink we (or our Wolfie) can similarly think of a gazillion, bajillion reasons why alcohol would be ok. at the week end, or with other people, or that mythical just-one-glass. despite the fact that ‘just one’ has never, ever, been how we drank.

but it is like Paddington and wallpapering. he could, in theory. but you just KNOW it will end in disaster. and everyone needs to come to that conclusion for themselves, or it won’t stick. (unlike the wallpaper to Paddington.)

having said all that about making up your own mind – if you have stopped drinking, and are wondering, like Annie, whether starting again would be an excellent idea – take some advice from me and Michael Rosen:


26 days to go to one year.