I came across this US initiative recently (thank you, Beth!) and thought you might be interested.

Shatterproof’s mission is: protecting our children from addiction to alcohol or other drugs and ending the stigma and suffering of those affected by this disease.

what i particularly liked was their concrete, measurable goal to halve the impact of addiction in the US in the next twenty years, to be measured by:

  • Reduce by 50% the number of people addicted to alcohol and other drugs (more than 22 million in 2012)
  • Reduce by 50% the number of deaths from addiction-related substances (more than 135,000 per year)
  • Reduce by 50% the societal costs (estimated at more than $416 billion per year)

I do not pretend to have any detailed knowledge of how recovery campaigning works in the US (or anywhere else for that matter) but this strikes me as a great approach.

if you are in any doubt as to the grief and sorrow caused in people’s lives by addiction: take a look at any one of the people lost to addiction on their mylastphoto page. real people, real faces. could be any one of us. heartbreaking.

stay safe, my friends. love to you all. take care of yourselves: you are precious, even if you don’t feel it this minute.

33 days to go to one year.