toastie with pretensions: a mozzarella, tomato and pesto panini….gosh, could eat one of those again right now…

have been doing the maths recently while hunting high and low around the house for the clinking bags of gold that should be about somewhere after 10 plus months of no booze in the budget. vast sums. huge. at a minimum £5 per day that is £1,625 so far. realistically it could be as much as £10 per day, which works out at £3,650 a year, or almost $6,000. wowzer.

but it’s not just the money. it’s the time I no longer spend. and it’s not even just the money and the time. it’s the opportunity cost. do you know that phrase? it’s an economic term describing the value of the best available alternative. so the money and time we spent on alcohol are just the beginning: it’s the loss of what we could have been doing instead that really bites.

there is a whole large-scale ‘how would my life have been different without alcohol?’ musing which I personally don’t find useful to pursue. because I am here now and although I am sorry that I got myself into this pickle there is absolutely no point in going off down a whatmighthavebeen rabbithole.

how I do find it useful is as a lens through which to view my future behaviour. I was thinking of the opportunity cost of alcohol when I treated myself to the lunch pictured above. which cost £7.50, the same as I would have spent on a bottle of non-plonk wine. so every night I blurred away with a bottle of white cost me… a snatched half-hour sitting basking in the autumn sunshine, listening to the battalion of bees buzzing in the ivy blossoms on the wall behind me, accompanied by the fresh pesto holding its own party with my taste buds.

sorry, alcohol. your price is not merely what comes out of my purse. and it is too high a price for me to pay, ever again.

40 days to go to one year. whoop!