this was the phrase that was used as Captain James T Kirk strode purposefully onto the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, hindered only by his slightly too snug fitting uniform. and when he came to the end of a hard day of snogging beautiful female aliens he would relinquish the bridge again with the words, “Number One, you have the helm.”

was talking to Mr P today about stress and what causes it. and he reminded me of the fact that stress is most often caused by a feeling of not being in control.

when we were drinking, how often was it in an attempt to just put everything down for a while? to take a break from that hard-fought for control over our lives, to cut loose, go crazy. and to then expect the genie to go quietly back into the bottle. the irony being of course that, once released, very soon the genie is in charge, and we have handed over all control.

when we are getting sober we concentrate very hard on dealing with our alcohol issues. for many of us there are other areas, too, where the all or nothing approach has been the one we have applied so far in our lives. and when the ‘nothing’ approach starts to fail us, these areas start calling out to be fixed. because actually no possible outcome is as terrifying as that of total abdication of our responsibilities to others and to ourselves. whatever our problem is, if we can name it and pin it down and quantify it, we can start to address it. we are back on the bridge.

found a lovely blog recently by a life coach called Rachel Cole. have a flip around her blog if you would like a boost: in particular I would recommend this post about how we are all deficient in Vitamin P : P stands for Pleasure…this is how she concludes:

‘Pleasure teaches us that life doesn’t have to feel like swimming up stream or hiking Mt. Everest barefoot. I used to think it did. I used think that toxic levels of stress, a wildly abusive inner critic, and days spent striving for perfection were normal and what life was all about. 

No. More. 

With pleasure as my carrot I don’t need a stick.

And neither do you.’

68 days to go.