two or three years ago, I found that my engagement ring and my eternity ring no longer fitted me. I was bemused. I hadn’t put on any weight. the rings would just no longer fit over my knuckles. I tried at different times of year, of day, of cycle, of weather. nothing made a difference. I wondered whether my fingers had got larger with exercise after moving away from a desk job, and fretted intermittently about arthritis.

eventually I stopped trying to wear my engagement ring, and occasionally wore the eternity ring on my wedding ring finger, which is slightly smaller than the fourth finger of my right hand where I previously wore it. both rings went largely unworn, sitting reproachfully in my jewellery box waiting for the day when I would ‘get round’ to getting them re-sized.

and then after reading Josie’s post and comments, I thought, maybe, just maybe…and tried them on. and they both slipped onto the proper fingers like a key turning in an old and familiar lock.

(so a heartfelt THANK YOU to you, Josie!)

there have been quite a lot of happy tears today. tears for the hit-round-the-head-with-a-snowshovel symbolism of returning to the old me. to be going back to the nine year old girl who looked at her mother’s engagement ring and wondered what her own would be like, one day. to the young woman who first saw her engagement ring across a restaurant table. to the young(ish) mother who was given an eternity ring on an otherwise sad and scary day, “so the ring will be what you remember about today.”

and I don’t know how stopping drinking can affect your ring size. whether it is about fluid balance, or hormones rebalancing, or whether it is complete coincidence.

all I know is that I am typing this wearing both rings for the first time in years, very happy. as I said to Mr P, I feel as if he is getting his wife back.

71 days to go…