engraving on the milled edge of the £2 coin

have always loved this quote from Isaac Newton, acknowledging the debt he owed to his predecessors. quite like Eric Drexler’s version, too:

“If I have seen further than others it is because I am standing on a really big heap of midgets.”

which whilst perhaps not terribly politically correct in its vocabulary does recognise what Newton fails to: the value to our collective development of the support and co-operation of a number of lesser individuals.

so as I continue down the sober path towards nine months I look to my sober giants for directions for this patch of road.

this is my sober car – no room in the back for emotional baggage!

there are fewer bloggers around for this stage. or more, depending which way you look at it. because it is becoming less about not drinking, and more about how to live sober. or live a ‘normal’ life, if you like. so I look obsessively at the 8 to 12 months pages of the long term sober bloggers on my blog roll. compare notes. try and pick up nuggets of wisdom to see me over this next pass, like the ones in these posts from Carrie and Amy and Belle and Jean….and of all you others too, but don’t want to overload this post with links!

and here are a couple of great posts I found in a recent internet trawl:

21 things you learn after one year sober as a 21 year old. written by Beth, who is definitely going to take over the world.

Five things I learned about addiction after 5 years sober. I particularly liked his #1. something to aim for!

so, sober bloggers ahead of me in time – any words of wisdom for the 9 month soberversary and the next few months? all gratefully received! though I suspect it can all be boiled down to the hoary old chestnut about how to become an old-timer in AA  – don’t drink and don’t die….

95 days to go.