yes. you will get sober.

the first 30 days will be mind bendingly unfamiliar. you will stagger through a barrage of foreign emotions, deafened and blinded by your own feelings and wanting only to hide back inside the bottle. in that time you will rely heavily on the words of others when they tell you that the cravings die away.

and they were telling the truth. why should they lie to you? between 30 and 100 days the hectoring, insistent voice that you are a failure, no good, mightaswelldrink begins to fade. you start to know what to say back to that voice. you find tools that you never know existed, and learn how to use them.

and at around three months you will feel as if you have conquered the world. which, to be fair, you have. you have turned your world around from despair to hope. the nightmare was of your own making and you are beginning to wake up. and you begin to learn how to deal with the other negative thought patterns that you have lived with for so long. you start to loosen chains that you had resigned yourself to being bound by for ever.

and after 100 days the really tricky part begins. learning to live sober. you wobble quite a bit. you have been aboard the booze ship for a long, long time and it is tricky at first to walk on sober land. but you keep going. you get stronger every day.

and then you realise one amazing thing.

you had absolutely no idea what you were capable of, till you got sober.

so, let’s see what happens, shall we?

because, b-b-baby – you just ain’t seen n-n-nothing yet!