• sun-drenched weather
  • a new Monty Python boxset (thanks Lucy for the inspiration!)
  • a packet of Belgian Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Cookies
  • a row of sweet pea plants just coming into flower


  • garden until almost dark.
  • pick bunch of sweet peas. arrange in vase. place vase on bedside table.
  • pour a long glass of cold milk.  put cookies on pretty china plate. two will be enough.
  • drink milk and slowly eat cookies while watching ‘And Now For Something Completely Different’ with Mr P and Eldest. spend most of the time watching Eldest guffawing at seeing sketches for the first time ever.
  • go to bed. read self to sleep whilst inhaling scent of sweet peas.

and this is the key instruction: actually want to do the same thing again tomorrow, instead of waking up the next morning and hating myself. stopping hating myself is even better than never ever having a hangover.

pass me a hammer, please…