I read a great quote recently from Byron Katie:

‘Liking me isn’t your job. It’s mine.’

and whereas that quote does apply to me, if I were to be more specific as to which jobs I give to other people that really I should be doing myself, I would say:

‘Approving of me isn’t your job. It’s mine.’

and approval is a really twitchy-making word, for me. with everything it implies about standard setting and judgement and what will happen if I fail the test.

but if I take approval in-house – what then? if the standards are really and truly mine own, and no-one else’s? if the judgement is made by me, with love? and what if, in the end, there is no wrong answer?

it is not going to be a simple matter, or a quick fix. but I am going to notice when I try to give other people this job, and try and do it myself, for a change.

so, what could you take in-house?