yum yum London!

yum yum London!

this title is taken from a recent Guardian article, How does alcohol affect your athletic performance? thought others might find it as interesting as I did, not just from an athletic perspective but also from a “why the hell aren’t I losing weight now I’ve stopped drinking?” one.

the whole article is well worth reading but the two key points for me were, firstly, that the dehydration caused by consuming alcohol is an appetite suppressant. so when we stop drinking excessively our natural hunger levels return to a higher level than that to which we are accustomed. it is not just a matter of subtracting the calories we are no longer consuming as wine, because our natural, appropriate appetites are returning and we need to re-accustom ourselves to those levels. which is no easy task given that many of us have at best a fragile truce with food.

the second point that struck me is the way that alcohol makes our bodies more prone to injury, and less able to repair ourselves. consuming it chips away at everything we try to achieve as runners. we might as well just take out a twelve-bore and shoot ourselves in the foot.

I nearly entitled this ‘another bloody post about running’ 🙂 have a great day!