pass me a pinwheel, someone!

often choosing an image for a post really focuses me on what I want to say. because I knew I wanted to do a post about running and its effect on my mood but none of the idealised images of women running in tankinis said what I wanted to say. real life images of runners in a race came closer to it, but only I think to people who have actually run a race and know what that feeling is like. that the weather and the chafing and the grimace and the sweat soaked tshirt are only the externals of a race.

and this photograph conveys far more clearly what I feel when running when all the planets align. the open road, the happiness in my own skin, the joy of being absolutely in the moment. when we say we drink to escape – what I find in running is better than escape. it is running free.

there is a beautiful poem by Brian Patten, the last lines of which come to mind here. the poem is called ‘Her Song’ and describes the intensity and singlemindedness of the first days of love brilliantly.

‘For no other reason than I love him wholly
I am here; for this one night at least
The world has shrunk to one boyish breast
On which my head, brilliant and exhausted, rests,
And can know of nothing more complete.

Let the dawn assemble all its guilts, its worries
And small doubts that, but for love, would infect
This perfect heart.
I am as far beyond doubt as the sun.
I am as far beyond doubt as is possible.’

and it is that conviction of wholeness which finds me in my running. to be beyond doubt. leaving it far behind you. that is a priceless gift.

wishing you a joyful and peace-filled day. P xx