I googled ‘treat image’ and was presented with an array of images of small cakes. most of which included rice crispies. this is what Google and our wider society define as treats. well, they are wrong – of which more later.

in my back to basics week last week I did well at running. ran on 5 days. not very far. a total of 13 miles. but man, could I tell the difference on Friday and Sunday when I didn’t run. particularly on Sunday when I was very grouchy. I decided not to make it 6 days as an experiment in dealing with my feelings when I don’t run. conclusion: running is my meds. will stay on them.

not isolating: I didn’t do this every day, but I was feeling happier and didn’t feel the need for it. and to be honest during half-term isolation is my last problem. to be brutally frank by the end of the week I would have hidden under the bed for the chance of five minutes without someone saying, “Muuuuummmmmmmyyyyyyyyy……….” I did enjoy two fantastic outings with the children, one of them to my happy place. so am considering that box at least semi-ticked.

I emailed Belle when I remembered, which was more at the beginning of the week when I was feeling lowest. she should be a National Monument. (did you know that the US President can create a National Monument without waiting for the approval of Congress? cool huh?) there should be little plaques put up to her in bakeries everywhere and wherever herbal tea is sold. love that woman.

and treats. wow, did I do treats 🙂 I kept a little list just to show you. because you know how much I love a list, yes?

  • ordered yoga DVD. Lee at seeingclearlee introduced me to Tommy Rosen. thanks again, Lee 🙂
  • bought fuschia pink nail polish and painted toenails
  • looked at juice glasses online as suggested by BBB but decided I needed a vintage shopping expedition instead 😉
  • watched some Tommy Rosen videos on youtube. he has done a great series on yoga and the 12 steps. he is so damn serene. love it.
  • polishing my silver ‘Stay Here’ bracelet. shining out, now.
  • bought ‘Recover to Live’ book. which I would highly recommend but reading it did set off some landmines in my brain. which maybe needed to happen. just saying, proceed with caution.
  • shop-bought sticky toffee pudding with double cream poured over. oh my. definitely not for every day but extremely luscious!
  • magazine
  • DVD arrived and had my first ever attempt at meditation. let’s just say there is a lot of room for improvement 🙂
  • bought packet of chia seeds. any recipes anyone?
  • Montezuma’s Sea Dog chocolate with sea salt and lime. to paraphrase the Terry’s Chocolate Orange ad – “It’s not Montezuma’s. It’s MINE!”

and this morning as a reward for a week of Basics Bootcamp have just finally ordered myself a juicer which has been on my Amazon wishlist since before last Christmas. thank you dear Binki for the impetus provided by your post!

have a fantastic sober week ahead, everyone!