this week I will:

run at least four times a week. five if I can manage it. after not drinking, it is the best possible thing I can do for my mental health.

give myself a treat every day. two if I am feeling particularly shitty. note to self: three biscuits eaten standing up do not qualify as a treat. I am going on a run when I have finished this post and while running I will think up some treats. I always come up with good ideas when running. did you see this article on how walking boosts creative thinking?

read sober blogs and listen to sober podcasts. do you listen to The Bubble Hour? did you hear the one re-broadcast lately about finding balance? I listened to it and my me-toos were pretty constant. like the participant who didn’t fill her allergy prescription because she ‘didn’t have time’. so: ask for help. ok, ladies.

stop isolating myself in real life because I am ‘too busy’. talk to a friend on the phone or by Skype. meet for coffee. go out with my children and do something fun. do this every day this week. this is a big one for me.

email Belle every day. if only because it will mean I will start my day by being incredibly grateful that my sober number of days is 200 and something, and not 2. and that’s how I intend to keep it.

200 and something days sober. still here.