this year, next year, sometime, never?

my daughter was counting cherry stones yesterday and reminded me of this rhyme I knew as a child. although in my childhood it usually accompanied stewed plums and custard. I am not sure whether my children have ever had stewed plums, with their curled skins separated from the mush of the flesh, and the excitement of looking for the fifth stone so you would marry a rich man… if you don’t know it, the first part of the rhyme runs,

‘tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief.’

which is supposed to foretell whom you will marry. then the title of this post predicts when…and then in the version I remember, it describes what you will wear on your wedding day:

‘silk, satin, cotton, rags.’

as a child I loved the scary bits of this rhyme. the idea that I might end up marrying a beggarman and living in rags gave me a delicious shiver. but in Victorian England in the days of the workhouse those risks were all too real.

I just wanted to say. no. to shout from the rooftops. this getting sober – it is not a game. it is one of the most important choices you will ever make.

don’t leave it to chance. don’t think you can do it next year, or sometime. because that decision may then no longer be in your hands to the extent it is right now. and next year the answer to “when will I get sober?” could be “never”.

if drinking is making you sad – save yourself. do it this year. do it today.

it is my day 200 today. I am sober.

I do not presume to know all the answers, or to be ‘fixed’, but I know that for me being sober is infinitely better than any alternative. and I am enormously grateful for that. thanks for helping me get here.