feeling like Norfolk

from Noel Coward’s play, Private Lives:

Elyot: I met her on a house party in Norfolk.
Amanda: Very flat, Norfolk.
Elyot: There’s no need to be unpleasant.
Amanda: That was no reflection on her, unless of course she made it flatter.

well, yes, post 180 days I am feeling a teeny bit flat. it has been raining here, terribly inconveniently. and there is no fun on the horizon. well, I will have to create some. am not running enough, too busy with work. bah.

I keep forgetting to do the internet food shop order so no-one has brought shopping bags of food to my house for DAYS. had to go out and buy some of the flipping stuff myself. entitlement, moi? and yes have placed order now so will arrive at my house at highly inconvenient time this evening. good lord I am grumpy, aren’t I? me and my strictly First World problems….

oh and for some reason I am obsessing about having conversations with people about why I am not drinking any more. maybe because my mother offered me a glass of wine on Monday….and I told her months ago that I am not drinking now but she doesn’t seem to have taken it in. and I really didn’t feel like having the Big Talk with her (and my kids were there so not appropriate anyway) – how long can I go on just saying ‘not for me, Mum’ before it clicks? sigh. the last thing I want to do is to upset her. perhaps will just be English and not talk about important things at all…

the pebble project is going swimmingly. I may have gone a bit overboard on it which might also be why I am feeling a bit drained *facepalm*

Dr Primrose self-prescribes stirfried chilli pork with squeaky greens followed by bubble bath, Mad Men and early bed tonight.

onwards and upwards!