cue gratuitous use of Eddard Stark image

so… I made it to 180 days. and to six months, too, yesterday. and no cake yet! major oversight…

and when I hit the 100 milestone I made some promises as part of my 180 vow – so in the interests of completeness I will do myself a teeny weeny performance review here. good Lord I do NOT miss those from the days when I had a proper job! am coming out in hives just thinking about it…hang on, just need to fling on a badly fitting suit and tie πŸ˜‰

ok off we go:

I promise that I will not drink for another 80 days. I will celebrate being 6 months sober on 4 May 2014. I will create mini-milestones between now and then and celebrate those, too, with gusto.

First two done and dusted πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ mini-milestones…mmm, maybe not so much. maybe need to have a think about how I’m going to do that in the next six months?

I promise that I will pay attention to my emotional needs and meet them in ways that do not involve alcohol. I will run; take time alone and long hot baths; talk to my husband, family and friends; hug often; and keep accountable to my sober community. I will practice gratitude – and having fun!

Pretty much. which seemed quite a lot to involve giving myself permission to go off and have a cry every so often. the gratitude list worked brilliantly to start with but I kept forgetting to do it after that. to be revisited. and having fun – not so much of that either went on. need more fun!

I promise that I will treat my physical body with the same respect and affection as I would that of one of my beloved children. I will give it sleep, rest, exercise, healthy food – and unhealthy food too if I feel like it. I will make medical appointments, time to relax, and banana bread.

three months of at least seven hours sleep a night. am now regularly waking up early and usually full of beans. medical appointments: tick. including the one where I accidentally had my liver function tested and passed with flying colours. didn’t see that one coming :). again, relaxation, like gratitude and fun fell by the wayside a bit…

I promise that I will make being sober my first priority, in whatever situation I find myself. I will continue to regard sobriety as a long-term self-care project. I will enjoy feeling better every day and focus on the positive aspects of my amazing new sober life.

sober first – yes and still yes. I think my emphasis has dropped a little from self care as it becomes more routine… not to be taken for granted though. and focusing on the positive aspects of being sober is definitely happening for me, so that’s great.

at six months sober I’m not sure where I’m off to next. it feels a bit like going up from primary to secondary school. wandering around somewhat forlornly in an unaccustomed tie and with a satchel that smells comfortingly of leather. new sober life here I come. whatever you may bring… double Geography, I expect. it usually is πŸ˜‰