sleeping dragons

FFF wrote a great post yesterday on the interaction of not drinking and weight loss. before I go into this any more may I just say that one of the things I admired about the post was how sensitively she handled the fact that this is an emotive topic for many people and so I will try to do so as well… if I say anything here which makes you wince I am so sorry…

I left a comment on her post along the lines of ‘I’m not ready to address this head-on yet because it would take too much energy away from my not-drinking.’ but it was some of the wording I used which has been bugging me ever since. I said, ‘the drink dragon is still outside the cave and I donโ€™t want to wake him up.’

really? is that how I think about the drink dragon, still? me hiding inside the cave, him outside, guarding the only exit? or is that only how I feel about him when I think about stringent food restrictions? have been mulling it over and I’m pretty sure it’s the latter. and thankfully my compulsive eating dragon has been asleep for a long, long time, perhaps for twenty five years. he may lift a sleepy scaly eyelid to reveal a gleaming golden eye, or emit the odd puff of green smoke, but he is deep in dragon dreams.

and so I would like the drinking dragon to be asleep beside the overeating dragon. twin snakes inside a cave, resting uncomfortably on their hoard of stolen, bloodstained gold that can bring no happiness or joy to anyone, while I tiptoe carefully away. until they are forgotten: an old story buried deep in the distant mountains, with no power to harm me or the people I love.