here’s a favourite film clip for a rainy Sunday afternoon…

however many times I watch this movie, there is always a little bit of me that hopes that, this time, Steve McQueen will make it over that second fence. that he will bounce away on his motorcycle into Switzerland, looking back over his shoulder with his crooked grin at the thwarted enemy soldiers.

but he never does. every time I watch it, he ends up in the same tangle of barbed wire, trapped and bleeding.

I am less than a week from my 180 day milestone and I am feeling more and more like Steve McQueen if he had actually jumped that second fence. that the seemingly inevitable failure and relapse into the darkness of alcohol dependence have been leapt away from and I am free, speeding towards the blue mountains and a bright future.

when I started the 100 day challenge I had very little faith that it would be possible for me to achieve it. it just seemed such an impossible barrier.

if you are in the early days of sobriety, or if your escape tunnel has collapsed again and you are shoring up the walls with bleeding hands for the umpteenth time and it all seems hopeless, then please, take heart.

we canΒ escape. it is possible. spring is on its way.