kitchen cupboards

Primrose’s Deep Dark Housekeeping Secrets. Part 1.

the easiest way to keep your kitchen cupboards tidy is to move house every six months to a couple of years. this way cupboards do not have a chance to get into a pickle, and when they do, you just move to a larger house, with more cupboards. and unpack. repeat 18 months later.

but then. one day. you end up in your ‘forever’ house. and your children are large enough to put away the washing up. and you do not move. for years. and every time you open the bakeware and tupperware cupboard fourteen things fall on your feet. and you ignore the fact that the floor crunches when you walk on it, and bundle the ‘clean’ items back onto the shelves any old how, promising yourself that you will get round to sorting the cupboard out soon. and every time you need anything from the cupboard it takes twentyseven times as long as it should to find it. and then your favourite pottery lasagne dish falls to the floor and smashes irretrievably, and you are quite sad about it for a long time. because that breakage was your fault. because you didn’t take care of your cupboards. and then the cupboard becomes a silent reproach to you in the corner of your kitchen. a metaphor for everything that is wrong with your life. and it gets too big, in your mind, to deal with.

and then one day, when you are feeling strong, and positive, you haul EVERYTHING out of the cupboard. it covers every surface in the kitchen. you find things you had forgotten, several dead spiders, and a lot of toast crumbs. in the middle of the process you look at everything spread out and think, “waaah, I can’t do this, it is just TOO HARD” but because you have a family to feed in that kitchen an hour and a half later you have no choice, and you grimly sort through the ice cream pot lids rejecting singletons and ruthlessly discard countless foil containers. because there will always be more takeaways.

at some point, without you noticing, you start quite relishing the process. the restoration of order. there turn out to be quite a few things in the cupboard that you don’t use any more. or which belong in another, lower footfall cupboard. so when those are gone there is, magically, enough room for the items that you actually need and use. and everything is arranged just so. and you are so proud of your tidy new cupboard that quite often when you walk past it you have to open it to have a little peek.

I did all this last Sunday. am still peeking 🙂

I think in the last couple of days I have been at the stage of everything spread out on the kitchen counters of my life. dealing with some work and home issues that have been welling up for ages. and it has been hard. but it needed doing. they were causing me disproportionate stress. and part of what I want to do, here in my new sober life, is to lead a simpler, better organised existence. and sometimes to get there everything looks a lot messier, for a bit. until it doesn’t. but I also need to give myself breaks between times. so I have internal resources for the next task, when I am ready.

thanks, as ever, for being here. I really appreciate all your support and comments. and I had a lovely run yesterday! note to self: repeat as required 😉