just back from the doc and collecting some blood test results. I didn’t know they would include liver function tests.

but that was the first thing that leapt out at me from the screen.


holy crap and thank God and thank goodness I didn’t know they were testing that or I would have been unbearable ALL weekend.

I am so so relieved and happy I just can’t tell you. all those years I spent worrying that I was damaging/had damaged myself irretrievably. and I haven’t. although who knows what the test result would have been five and a half months ago? all other tests A OK as well.

I have occasionally wondered if I should go for a test, maybe, when I get to a year. but don’t know whether I would ever have got round to making myself. there would always be that little chink left open for Wolfie to say, “Well, you’re already damaged beyond repair, so you might as well drink.” and now he can’t.

of course the other thing that Wolfie can say is that it is now ok for me to drink again. because, you know, I’m not actually rotting from the booze just yet. but no. that will not wash. I have been given a get out of jail free card on this one and I’m not going to waste this second chance.

excuse me, must see if I can still do a cartwheel…..

Oh, and baby sloths, too. enjoy 🙂 🙂