a trivia post

these are not my hands. I wish. mine more closely resemble those of a Cornish tin miner 🙂

did you know that adults’ fingernails grow at 3mm a month? so I now have sober fingernails. my fingernails haven’t had a drink in their lives. they are completely booze free!

toenails on the other hand take about a year to grow from cuticle to tip. so mine are roughly 50% sober. painted my semi-sober toenails a new colour last night for summer 2014. minty green, since you ask. what colour are yours today?

and as a completely unrelated to anything trivia fact – did you know that 2013 and 2014 are the first years in 26 years since 1987 in which all the digits are different? all the intervening years shared at least two digits the same. and by complete co-incidence 2013 and 2014 are my first adult years with non-pregnant sober time – the first years in which I am completely different and LOVING IT!