no such thing as an ordinary day

what am I up to today?

oh, the usual. with a few children thrown into the mix as well as it’s the Easter holidays.

breakfast with the laptop. it doesn’t count as screentime if no-one can see me, right? hmm, that sounds familiar ๐Ÿ˜‰

laundry. hanging washing on the line. it’s going to be a bright and sunny day when the mist clears.

running errands. banking cheques. picking up contact lenses.

work. long list. try and knock off two major things.

early supper. what? fish in parsley sauce tonight, I think. do we have any potatoes?

committee meeting tonight. we will be voting on an issue important to me. standing up for what I believe in.

bed by 10pm. clean sheets night. hurrah. if I wash them and get them on the line this morning. need to buy new bedlinen so we have two sets. next month, maybe.

every single moment sober. every moment a gift and its own reward for the heart wrenching struggles to have reached this point.

no. there’s nothing ordinary at all about today.