checking the rear view mirror

I come and post stuff on here when it has been rattling round my brain for a bit and I need to put it away somewhere. Goodness knows there is enough clutter loose in there, like the back seat of my car when the kids were little.

So looking at my most recent posts they all seem quite…. umm….. triumphalist.

“Isn’t life SO MUCH BETTER sober?” seems to be what I want to say at the moment, with varying metaphors of cake and dog farts.

It does form an interesting record for my own purposes, as I know I am pretty much posting on here whatever is going through my tiny mind. It appears that I haven’t really had a wobble since my post on 25 February – that’s over two weeks ago now.

The last couple of weeks have been very hectic at work. Perhaps I haven’t had time to overthink my emotions and have just been getting on with it?

I do need to keep an eye on the past. Where I have been. Where I have come from. But at the same time if you drive using only the rear view mirror you will very soon come a cropper.


Looking ahead, I can see blue skies. Enough to make a sailor a pair of trousers, anyway 🙂