keeping my promises to myself

this is one of them. in my 180 day vow I promised to make banana bread, and nowadays I am able to keep my promises to myself. it is one of my many favourite things about being sober.

this is ‘sober cake’ as the recipe calls for soaking sultanas in rum or bourbon (wtf, Nigella?!) I usually use orange or apple juice instead but today I am trying cranberry juice. and desiccated coconut instead of chopped walnuts – because I didn’t have any walnuts, and couldn’t be arsed to go to the shops. although it has just occurred to me that this could also be a reference to one of my all time favourite posts of Belle’s. Desiccate the wolf! my kitchen smells completely gorgeous after baking these. mmmmm.

130 days sober today. hence the cake.

go on. have a piece. there’s plenty for everyone!