believing six impossible things before breakfast

now, THERE’S a sober tiara. They’re bloody everywhere when you start looking out for them.

“I am a good enough mother.

I am hardworking enough.

I am clever enough.

I am patient enough.

I am fit and thin enough.

I am sober enough.”

When I started writing this post it was going to be about how ‘I am enough’. Do you know what, though –  bugger that. I am not ‘sober enough’ – I am just plain damn sober. I’m going to chuck ‘enough’ in the recycling bucket along with ‘should’.

Rewriting the above without it:

“I am a good mother. I am hardworking, clever, patient, fit and thin.

I am sober.”

THAT was huge for me. Can you tell? Right. What’s for breakfast?