“Good morning, Doctor.”

“Ah, Primrose, come in. Sit down. How are you feeling?”

“Pretty well today, thanks. Anxious to hear the results of the scan, naturally.”

“Of course. I will explain the scan results as clearly as I can. Do stop me at any time if you have any questions, okay?”

Primrose nods.

“Well, you came to us because you were worried that you were exhibiting symptoms, and I’m sorry to have to tell you that the scan shows that you do indeed have Dependency.

As you may know Dependency affects around 9% of men and 4% of women in the UK. We don’t know why some people develop it and others don’t. There may be a genetic link, it may be cultural, or it can be a response to stress.

What we do know is that once the scan shows that you have Dependency, your prognosis is extremely poor. Left untreated, Dependency causes longterm life threatening conditions including high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, and liver disease, and greatly increases the risk of certain cancers. Dependency can cause or exacerbate mental health problems, and can destroy relationships with your partner, children, other family and friends.”

(Primrose nods again, feeling numb, as if this is happening to someone else.)

“I also have to tell you, that although the scan tells us that you have Dependency, it cannot tell us whether it has spread, or metastasised, within your body. There may be individual rogue cells with the potential to develop again into full blown Dependency.”

“What can I do? Can you help me?”

“I am pleased to say that for this very serious and life threatening condition, there does exist a completely safe and effective absolute cure. There is a form of chemotherapy that you can take, called Sober.

Sober has initial side-effects when combined with the condition of Dependency, which are initially severe and can feel worse than the condition itself. These include mood swings, depression, irrational fears, and cravings. However the longer you continue with Sober, these side-effects lessen and eventually dwindle away to virtually nil.”

“That is fantastic news, Doctor! So, tell me, how long will I have to take Sober?” 

“Ah, you may have misunderstood me. To be sure of resolving Dependency you will have to continue to take Sober for the foreseeable future. If you stop taking it, you may find that the ‘sleeper cells’ in your body re-awake, stronger even than before. If you then start taking Sober again, it may not be as effective, or the side-effects may be even worse. There are no guarantees of a cure from Dependency other than a life-long course of Sober.”

“I see, Doctor. Thank you for your frankness.” 

“I’ll be here whenever you need me. We’re going to be seeing a lot of each other, so you’d better call me by my first name. It’s Belle *.”   🙂

I’m keeping taking the tablets, folks. Thanks for the support.


* edited to add disclaimer: Belle is not a qualified medical practitioner or addiction counsellor, just a lovely sober lady with a big big heart.