nailing another trigger

Sewing on name tapes, apparently. Who knew?

In the past eg last September I would assemble a large heap of new school clothing, and settle down with my reading glasses (argh) and thimble, and virtuously work through the whole shebang feeling like Marmee from Little Women.

But wait – what is that just out of shot? Oh. Yes. Brimming glass of white wine. Bugger.

“Go, and embrace your liberty! Oh, and pass the Cowrie Bay on your way out,” as Susan Sarandon never said.

So last night, it was more like an incompetent 9 year old Brownie sewing on badges. Me cramped on the sofa with the dog trying to join in. Managed two nametapes then thought, “Blow it, that’ll do.”

Sober sewing. What will I do next?!

note also nice cup of tea 🙂