I have hit an unexpected bump in the road and am really struggling today.

I have had a minor niggling pain at the back of my leg for a few days which I took to the doctor’s yesterday morning. He pronounced it muscular and recommended the usual rest, anti-inflammatories, and icing. Well I don’t know whether it was as a result of his prodding, but it flared up badly yesterday afternoon and has been incredibly painful ever since. I am just about able to hobble about this morning.

I didn’t think about drinking last night, but Wolfie has definitely leapt in through the door this morning. The prospect of being in pain during my working day and being unable to run to blast away the cobwebs – perhaps missing the half-marathon I have been training for in a month’s time, too Β – is just about breaking my heart. So this is when Wolfie chimes in, “so you might as well drink….” the bloody fucker.

I am not going to drink but I am feeling so low and sad. I broke a bone last year and couldn’t run for three months which was a big reason why I went downhill with the booze rapidly over that timescale. The prospect of going through a similar injury this spring is really, really hard.

It’s not a running injury – haven’t even run since Sunday as I was nursing it. Have been dosing up on ibuprofen and giving the frozen peas their best shot.

I am trying to apply the life lessons I have learnt over the last three months.

Firstly, not to assume the worst – I may be back on my feet in a few days and trotting round the half marathon in a month – if not in the time I might have expected.

Secondly, to apply self-care, both to this injury and generally. I have left a message with my sports physio so as to arrange an appointment early next week. I will continue to medicate, ice and rest. I will try not to snap at my nearest and dearest – I am an extremely bad patient as I am hardly ever ill. I will find other ways than running to lift my spirits.

Lastly, that thing about not drinking no matter what? Well, here is a very good example.

Do you know the saying that if you pray to God to give you patience, then you are granted opportunities to practice being patient? Well, I am practicing ‘not drinking no matter what’ like billy-o today.