I know I did a big post only two days ago about getting to 90 days. Well, today I am 92 days sober, and I’m going to do it again! Day 92, or as I prefer to call it….

damn typos….

No, not three moths. Three months. My first sober day was 4 November so I make that three calendar months at close of play today. Whaaaa…..? how did that happen? It’s like with babies… you start counting in days and then before you know it, you’re onto weeks, then months, then suddenly they are old enough to do the washing up and know far more about other religions than you do. sigh.

Actually in my campaign to not get sidetracked by relapse at day 100 I have cunningly shifted my focus to 3 months. And then when I get to 100 I will be able to celebrate that too! And then I will interject a little smackerel of an anniversary or two before the big 180, and so it goes. It’s all about the cake, really. And that last sentence pretty much sums up my ability to have got this far. Treats have saved my life.

Speaking of which… would you like to see the sparkly thing I have chosen to celebrate being three months sober? It’s this: you will need to scroll down the page to see the item as it’s now sold :))

It’s a necklace made from a 1920 three penny piece with a clear crystal attached, which for me symbolises the new clarity I have found in my sober life. What with this necklace, my anti-Wolfie bracelet, and my primrose earrings, I will soon be completely weighed down with sober bling!

“just need the sober tiara now…”

I’ve been feeling very pink cloudy for the last few days. That’s a precious feeling and I need to appreciate it while it lasts. It’s encapsulated for me by this song below. I nearly called this post ‘I can see clearly now the wine has gone’ 😉 Just seeing his tangerine jumpsuit makes me smile.

Do you know what? Not all the pain has gone. That is only the pink cloud talking. Pain is a part of real life and now I am learning to deal with that without booze.

But I can see the obstacles in my way now. And this place, the online support, from Belle and Rebecca, from my particular blogging buddies, and from every single person who reads this or whose blog I have read – you are all the rainbow I was praying for. THANK YOU SO MUCH!