shining through the fog at 70 days

I am still very much a work in progress at 70 days sober.

At the moment some details of getting through every day life seem to be impossible to keep up with. You want clean clothes? Food in the kitchen cupboards? What unreasonable expectations! After earlier days when all the crapola seemed to get itself magically done I am now getting dragged down in it like quicksand.

Your PE kit’s in the tumble drier!

Plodding on. Staying here.

The upside is that the day to day effort of staying sober is definitely reduced. To blatantly pinch Sobernorman’s inspired idea about measuring sobriety in dog years: I am now past the puppy stage of needing watching all the time in case I leave puddles on the kitchen floor. It still needs regular attention, feeding and walks, but my sobriety feels like part of the family now and its rewards far outweigh the obligations.

For added doses of motivation I’ve been re-reading older posts by some of my favourite sober bloggers. They were so cute when they were younger! Like looking at photos of your husband when he was 16. (My husband looked like Morton Harket…)

love to you all.

keep at it folks!