Yesterday our house suffered some significant storm damage.

No-one was hurt. The house was weather-proof by nightfall thanks to a great team of workmen. Internet access was unaffected throughout 😉

It’s nothing that protracted negotiations with loss adjusters and lengthy and highly inconvenient building work can’t sort out, and is unlikely to recur.

The children and I were pretty terrified during the event, but I was most surprised at how I felt for hours afterwards. Scared, vulnerable. Safe as houses? Nah, not so much. The last time I felt this way was during the first weeks of getting sober. All my defences down. Not knowing how to deal with anything life could throw at me. If you are in those days now you are a bloody hero. Keep at it. It gets easier.

You. Me. Everyone getting sober. Sparkly hotpants optional.

I am never, never going to have another Day 1, or Day 15. That is a REALLY scary thought.