It has been difficult standing up to Wolfie’s PR machine over the month of December. The constant articles in the broadsheets about which case of wine will make your life complete, the accompanying articles about hangover cures, the ‘gifts for sophisticated drinkers’ section in the department stores. The ringing of tills and the sound of hard earned coins falling into the Chancellor’s pockets. Remember every bottle of wine purchased in the UK carries £2 excise duty, and you pay VAT on top of that?

And above all, the glamorization of alcohol, where every television scene seems to include gently bubbling glasses of Prosecco, consumed by witty, urbane beautiful people. Whereas in reality the consumption of alcohol, as Norman so clearly evokes, all too often leads to scenes like these (funny how the Daily Mail only publishes embarrassing photos of those ghastly Northerners, hmmm….)

Despite the above, I am trying to avoid demonising alcohol. By doing so I think I give it too much importance and prominence in my life. It is a fine balance which I am still working on.  I have chosen to completely skip two major social events this Christmas, one of which, in particular, I am really sad about missing. It was a big drinks party at a tres chic local venue with the trendier and cooler (and booziest) of my friends. I am rapidly morphing into Bag Lady and I do miss them! Next year perhaps I will have the sober muscles to attend and drink cranberry juice and tonic. I just knew I wasn’t strong enough this year.

So, with a tick of a clock, as we move away from Christmas and towards a New Year, those same social media take an abrupt about face and we are into articles about remaking your life, detoxing, and simplifying your cutlery drawer. Sigh. The whole thing just makes me tired.

I was looking forward to riding the wave of self-improvement rather than fighting the tide. However I think I’ve moved past that now, or perhaps stepped away from it.

This community here is a safe haven in the whirlpool of the bigger society. We are driven by factors other than commercial greed, or false celebrations where bonhomie comes out of a bottle rather than from our hearts. I would rather be a part of this team than any group created by drinks advertising executives.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for your support on this new adventure.

Wishing you all a safe and happy New Year’s Eve – wherever we are on the path, we are on our way to an amazing 2014!

Primrose xx