All has been well today. A Happy Day. Not dull without alcohol at all.

Christmas Day is the one day that I have been dreading the most ever since I stopped drinking. It is a day when, since we have been hosting it, considerable amounts of alcohol have been the norm, starting mid-morning and continuing late into the evening. I love love love Christmas, and I genuinely didn’t feel it would ‘be the same’ without booze. 

And yes, you’re right. No shit, Sherlock. It hasn’t been the same. It has been miles better. I am typing this with a clear head at 9.45pm having had a joyous day with the people in the world that I love the most. Me, not someone with the edges dulled by alcohol. Me, listening to other people and having proper talks to the other adults here, not slurred confused exchanges.

Me, bloody no kidding, not drinking, make mine a cranberry and tonic sober on Christmas Day. Keeping it real on the sofa. I did it.