counting the ripples

7 weeks sober today! And 50 days tomorrow. Am celebrating both 😉 DO like to have my cake and eat it. (Particularly panettone. Toasted. Mmmmm.)

Unpickled has a great post where she describes how getting sober unexpectedly affected so many other things in her life.

‘Surprise! Life is not compartmentalized – addiction and recovery relate to everything. I sincerely believed my wine problem only existed between the hours of 4 p.m. to midnight and had no connection to my daytime activities or identity. When the links between various aspects of my life became clear, I ran around like Helen Keller learning her first signs from Anne Sullivan. House cleaning! Body Image! Imposter syndrome! Over-achieving! Shopping! Decorating! My parents! Fear of water! Anxiety! Work ethic! Yes, yes, yes – all connected.’

I am noticing unexpected ripples all over the place.

– I am running more (not un-expected) but now have the patience to take my couch-potato dog out with me too, so my dog is getting healthier.

– I enjoy non-boozy evening outings more because I am not counting the minutes till I get home and can have a drink. So I am enjoying familiar occasions in a completely different way. It’s like discovering that your ancient aunt worked for M.I.5.

– I am more organised with domestic routines, so we are not running out of clean socks, washing up liquid and so on, on a regular basis. I wonder if this was in fact sub-concious on my part in the past as it gave me an excuse to pop to the shops and also to pick up a bottle of wine? Anyhoo there’s a good half an hour saved every other day.

– I have been nesting thoroughly in the run-up to Christmas and (parts anyway!) of the house are tidier and cleaner than they have been since we moved in. A deep clean of the sitting room unearthed amongst other things the missing zip from my son’s coat, baubles under a cupboard from last Christmas, and a stack of children’s drawings about the Olympics. Ahem. Yes, that would be the 2012 Olympics. I am particularly pleased at the shining cleanliness of parts of the house now, as it feels like an outward reflection of the inner changes taking place in me. I feel as if I am a wholesome, respectable person who deserves to have polished wood and gleaming mirrors reflecting the sparkle of my sober tiara 🙂

These are relatively mundane changes, compared to the headliner and perhaps more expected effects such as less anxiety, fewer mood swings, and not feeling like shit all day.

But they are all lovely surprises, like the universe giving me treats for sticking to my sober guns.

Here’s to more surprises! Toasting with glitter juice, obv.