if only it were that simple...

I was delighted to see that M&S have picked up on the sober sparkle trendsetters and introduced a Glitter Juice Drink.

It’s red! It’s got edible glitter in it! Love.

I absolutely realise that you cannot get that elusive sober sparkle merely by shelling out Β£5 for three bottles at Marks & Spendthrift. No, sober sparkle takes true dedication, self-knowledge, and the ability to shoot Wolfie down at 50 paces.

But show me a gimmick and I cackle like Winnie the Witch and cave like a good ‘un. I have bought my three bottles for Christmas Day. The kids think I am Crazy Mummy, but in a Good Way. Would never have put this much time and effort previously into finding a wacky non-boozy drink.

Also, am transfixed with glee at the possibility that on Christmas Day I will actually pee glitter.