So today on my 38th day sober (go ME! Yay!) it is no enormous surprise to me that I have put on a few pounds in weight. Nothing major, but getting to the point when the “Danger, Will Robinson!” claxon starts going off in my head.

A week or so ago when I noticed this I decided that I would give myself till the 60 days mark until I started taking this into account, on the grounds that it doesn’t matter if I’m the size of the Savoy Hotel as long as I’m sober. However at this rate I will get to the jeans-too-tight stage well before that. Which will make me miserable in it’s own very special way, and thus more vulnerable to drinking urges. So I need to cut back at least a bit now. It’s fantastic being a sober superhero, but I don’t want to be super sized too.

I know what it is – it’s cakes, biscuits, and the lumps of Cheddar that I grab from the fridge as I walk past. Also one of my best tactics in the evening has been to have a bowl of cereal, which as it tends to be an enormous pile of muesli is basically an extra meal every day.

So: less muesli, more fruit. More non-food treats instead.

Note to self. Cheese is not a fruit.