Where to start? Nearly as hard as how to start. Starting from a place where I have a lovely husband, children who are all old enough to make me a cup of tea, and my own business. All of which are increasingly threatened by my long-term, on-off affair with Wolfie. You see, I didn’t know he was a wolf. I thought he was my friend. My comfort. My retreat. Even worse, I began to believe that he was a part of my own soul, the Mr Hyde from which I could not escape. That’s it. I’ve taken off the grandmother’s cap. I can see how big his teeth are now. He is not a part of me. And I am done. I’m on Day 14 of Belle’s 100 day challenge. Thank you so much to her and to the other bloggers out there. Hope to get to know you all better. Stick with me. I need you. Primrose x